Dan Angenend, Jr. grew up on the East side of the Mississippi River. Though just outside of St.Louis, his pre-Eyes roots were firmly planted in the scene.

He initially played with the Newsboys when he was just out of high school in the mid-eighties. They had moderate success in the St. Louis area including an appearance on Star Search. At one point, Richard Fortus auditioned for the Newsboys but fortunately that didn't work out and Dan eventually joined the Eyes instead.

The Newsboys: Dan Angenend (center)

Shortly before the end of Pale Divine, when Rich was busy working with Richard Butler and planning for the second PD album was beginning to stall, Greg Miller and Dan Angenend played briefly in a project called Whatever with Mark Cook (Corporate Humour) and Mike Metroulas (Nerve). It was more of a group of friends playing for fun than a serious endeavor generally jamming in Mike's basement. They only played one gig at Cicero's and most memories of Whatever were probably buried years ago.

Dan perfroming with Pale Divine at Kennedy's (circa 1991)

After Pale Divine finally ended, Dan had no interest in starting over. His seven years with The Eyes/Pale Divine were "the most important musical experience of my life." He travelled to Europe for a few months to escape from music and seeking adventure. Eventually he would return to the US and to playing music with Michael Schaerer. For the second time, Dan replaced Steve Hanock on bass as the band shifted from an acoustic project to a full, and plugged in, band that became Rainbox.

Rainbox (circa 1995) Michael Schaerer, Jerry Saracini, Bill Christy, and Dan Angenend

Early Rainbox showcased the mellow side of Michael's writing with beautiful acoustic guitars and often happy, upbeat vocals. It was equal parts smart pop and elegant brooding introspection, but together with Bill Chrisy's guitar, it showed the songwriting Michael had been searching to unleash. Live shows even unearthed some gems from the late Pale Divine era buried in demos and rarely performed. The setlist quickly grew to include new tunes with Bill's driving guitar solos picking up the pace.

Though the project lasted less than a year and a half, Rainbox played thirty shows and managed to release one self-titled cassette. Their first show was on July 23, 1994 at The Link's Club and their final at Kennedy's on September 30, 1995.


broken record, live love die, anymore, somedays, whenever, coffee, you'll never know, mr.high mr.low

And then, when Rainbox ended, Dan stepped away from music for awhile to focus on his life and career. He returned briefly to support Michael Schaerer's solo cd "Cross To Bear". He did not perform on the disc but was part of the live experience that emerged. Unfortunately, much like Rainbox, Michael's full band performances were short-lived despite the musical talent involved. The MSG lineup was stripped down and returned to smaller venues while Dan returned his focus to his career and family. Though Dan enjoyed playing music again and enjoyed performing with Michael Schaerer in both projects, neither could replace the musical success and growth he experienced with Pale Divine.

Dan performing with Michael Schaerer (circa 1999)

Both 2008 and 2009 brought full blown Pale Divine reunion shows. Dan quickly strapped on his bass guitar and went to work. The band played phenomenally in 2008 and looked tighter than ever in 2009. Balancing family, career, and the band was no issue as Dan effortlessly completed the rhythm section with Greg.

Dan performing with Pale Divine at the Pageant, STL. (2008)